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Is your drink real poison or just poison?

Digital rotgut detectorYou are waking in the morning and you have a terrible headache, and last night you had only few whisky shots. You start asking yourself if the bottle of whisky you bought is original. Now there is solution for your problem, not for your headache but for detection of the veracity of your beverage.
Rotgutonix or Digital rotgut detector is the devise that will solve your problem just for few seconds. Rotgutonix have build-in chemical sensors and can detect several alcoholic beverage brands.

You just need to put it in your favorite beverage for 20 seconds and if your drink is rotgut (poison), this gadget will indicate on the screen. For now the gadget can recognize: Johnny Walker, JB, DYC, Pampero, Brugal and Havana club but soon will be able to detect than 20 well-known brands, mainly rum, whisky, gin, and vodka.
If you are party animal or you are paranoid this would be ideal gadget for you.