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USB flash drive with 256 GB! Because the size does matter!

Kingston Data Traveler 300 with 256 GBThe Kingston company is the first company in the world that launch USB memory stick with this size. If you are not some hi-tech fan and to you Kb, MB, GB are just some strange marketing symbols we will try to explain very plastic what does it mean! USB flash drive with 256 GB is equal to 365 CD’s, or 54 DVD’s, or with other words you can carry in your pocket for example 365 music compact discs, or 54 movies or more or less 51000 images!
Kingston and before was the first company that have launched the biggest flash drive with the 128 GB, and they are planning to stay on the top, offering even a double size!
According the manufacturing specification Kingston Data Traveler 300 has speed of up to 20MB/s for read and 10MB/s for write. This is not something spectacular but is not bad either!
As you probably have supposed if you like to have this USB stick with the biggest memory on the market you have to pay a good price too, which is $900.

For WC News from New York,
Alexander Mac Dougall