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Kobe Bryant with his own series Swiss watches “Black Mamba”

Kobe Bryant for WC NewsThe Black Mamba is a series Swiss watches of Nubeo, in honor of one of the best NBA players Kobe Bryant. As probably most of you know, Black Mamba is a Kobe Bryant’s nickname.
Nubeo is planning to make limited-edition line of just 1,074 of the Kobe watches and some styles are adorned with sapphires.
Kobe Bryant watch
Nubeo Black Mamba watch case explosion
Nubeo Black Mamba watch collection
Nubeo Black Mamba’s is high-tech sport watches with a unique personality and very complex watch case with 131 components and it still enjoys water resistance of up to 100 meters. Just for compare. A typically complex watch case consists of about 5-10 parts, and very rare can be something with more than that. The case of the Kobe’s Black Mamba is made of mostly ceramic and titanium with a diamond like carbon or DLC coating making it scratch proof and gives it a black color.
It could be yours from a starting price of $22,000.

For WC News from Zurich, Swiss,
Adriana Christen