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Rumors or soon new iPad on the market – mini iPad from Apple?

iPad mini is posing next to his bigger brother iPadAfter Microsoft and Google revealed their products in the Tablet PC category where Apple is ruling, according the Bloomberg agency, Apple apparently will respond with 7 inches iPad. Right now, Apple is offering on the market only 9.7 inches iPads, which cost $200 more than Nexus 7. The new iPad from Apple will not be offered with high resolution monitor like iPad3. Thanks to the new size of the new mini iPad, Apple will be able to compete with Google with the price of their Tablet PC.

iPad, iPhone and iPadmini
New toy mini iPad

Recently Microsoft in official presentation showed that they have a horse for a race too. The name of the Microsoft Tablet PC is Surface! The unofficial name for their Tablet PC was accepted like a “iPad killer”. But somehow they manage to kill their horse even before the start of the race! Their YouTube video presentation is one of the most popular but not for the reasons that in Microsoft were hoping for.

Below you can see the presentation of the Microsoft Surface.
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