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Nokia Notebook – Booklet 3G

Nokia Booklet 3GNokia is satisfied with the top position among the mobile phones manufacturers. Now Nokia is aiming a Netbook and Notebook market and they plan to make a big entry with a style. The new windows based Netbook is a stylish Booklet 3G. Nokia Booklet 3G looks like an Apple notebook but there is a PC inside. The body of Nokia Booklet 3G is made from aluminium and the battery life will be excellent 12 hours. The processor is the Intel Atom. With Nokia Booklet 3G the users can do most of the office tasks, to surf the internet which can be available via 3G services provided by the built-in 3G card or simply by catching a Wi-Fi signal. Nokia Booklet 3G weight under 2 pounds or 1.25 kg and it is less than 0.7 inches or 2 cm thin.

Nokia do not reveal the full Booklet 3G specifications but they promise to reveal all informations on Nokia World (global conference for the mobility) on 2 September.
According to some information leaked from the Nokia, the Booklet 3G will also have a GPS unit, 10 inch glass display for better HD and media, SD card reader, built in access to Nokia Music Store (like we care!), sync data capability with Nokia handset and access to the web based storage service.
Nokia Booklet 3G will also have a built in access to the ovi service so the cash stripped students for which this Netbook was originally designed can spend more money. Somewhere on the way Nokia lost the way because now we really do not know for whom is this product made. First we were thinking that Booklet 3G is made for the students, but now we thing that it is made for the middle aged low level executives who like to escape from the office and pretend to work in the restaurants while waiting something to happen.

Nokia Booklet 3G
Nokia Booklet 3G

The good thing about the Booklet 3G is that combines an Apple stylish look with a lower (but still high) PC notebook price. Nokia Booklet 3G will be offered in a various colors. It will be available for buy via mobile services and wireless internet providers with a mobile data plan. All in all, with Booklet 3G, Nokia will offer something already available on the market but hopefully with better quality.
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