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Unbreakable Olympian Lolo Jones – Olympic Track & Field Team 2012

Lolo Jones  Olympic Track & Field“I’ve always used my failures as motivation. It was natural because I’ve seen my mom do it her whole life.” – Lolo Jones
Being one of six children to a single mom who was doing all that she could for her family, life was not always easy street for Lolo Jones and her family. Jones says that there was one time she remembers her family being evicted from their home in Iowa and the next day living in a church basement.

Lolo Jones Photos
Lolo Jones Pictures

“I grew up quite poor but, I mean, as a kid you don’t realize you’re living in poverty. My mom was trying to do by any means necessary to make sure that we have what we needed. I definitely do not think I’d be going for this dream had I not seen her pick herself up so many times and keep fighting for us. I think that’s why I keep fighting.” Says Olympic athlete Lolo Jones.
Lolo Jones Photos with the American flag
Photos of Lolo Jones with the American flag
Lolo Jones Poster
In 2004, Jones decided to try and make the team for the Athens Games in which became an unsuccessful attempt. It was in 2008, however, that Lolo Jones not only made the U.S. Olympic team, but also was dubbed one of the fastest runners in the world. Lolo did not win a medal in the 2008 Olympics and said “I was crushed when I couldn’t get the medal. I wanted to make my mom proud. Winning the medal, I would have been like ‘Hey Mom, this is for you. You created an Olympic champion with all your hard work.’”

Lolo Jones wallpaper
Lolo Jones Pictures

Even with the loss of her medal and a recent back surgery, repairing a damaged portion of her spinal cord, Lolo Jones is still fighting and making her mother and country proud.
Today, people have gone from saying “Lolo who?” to “Ah, Lolo Jones, rising Olympian star.” Even though the Olympian athlete Jones is not thought to actually win the 100-meter hurdles, the media has put her in the Olympic spotlight.

Lolo Jones Pictures
Lolo Jones Photo
Lori Jones Olympian athlete

“Part of Lolo’s allure is that she’s physically beautiful and very open about her personal life. And I think people kind of find that both interesting and alluring,” says Sports Illustrated’s David Epstein.
Lolo Jones USA Olympian Athlete
Lolo Jones Olympic Track & Field
Lolo Jones athlete

Another admirable and honest fact about beautiful Lolo Jones is that she is a 30 year old virgin that believes in honoring her husband with the gift of sexual purity. She says that it has been the hardest thing she has ever had to do but stays faithful to her decision; even if that has meant not receiving many callbacks from dates after they have found out. It’s been Tweeted that Lolo Jones and Tim Tebow would make a great couple and eventually have some very athletic children!