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PETA is looking for the sexiest vegan after 50

sexy woman over 50We just had a thought that we are not alone in the space and that PETA is some agency for researching an aliens form the planet VEGA. But we read the text and we start to feel a little bit disappointed.
Actually PETA is something for animals, protection or something and Vegan is not an alien from the planet VEGA but a human person which do not consume meat.
Let’s make it clear. We love animals. That’s why we have so many articles about politicians!

Any way we decided to go on with the news. So if you are 50 or over, you can sign up for the sexiest vegetarian over 50. If you win you can get an Organic Shining Star Gift Basket.

The sexiest after 50 women
Organic Star gift basket

If you like to enter the contest you need to be: in the U.S, must be at least 50 years old as of July 17, 2009, pictures must be tasteful (why?), and entrants must be either vegetarian or vegan, high-resolution photos are required (we support that), the image must be sharp (not blurry or fuzzy) and well-lit, and only the entrant should appear in the photograph, you can not be a celebrities,
The gift basket includes: Organic Sparkling Apple Cider, Organic Lime Dark Chocolate, Organic Lemon Filled Wafers, Cocoa Java Almonds, Lemongrass Green Tea Mints, Organic Caffé (Herbal Coffee), Organic Vanilla Bean Biscotti, Organic Lavender Dark Chocolate Bar, and Organic Green Apple Tarts.

For WC News from Washington DC,
Carl Ackerman