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Playa de Gulpiyuri – Exotic beach in the middle of a meadow

Plays de GulpiyuriThe beach Gulpiyuri or Playa de Gulpiuri as the local inhabitants are calling it, is a very small beach around probably the smallest lake in the world. It is located in the middle of a meadow nearby the city Llanes in northern Spain. You are probably asking yourself, what is special about this beach?
The beach Gulpiyuri is with golden sand around the very small lake, as big as an Olympic swimming pool with salted water from the sea and even with a tide and surfs! The Cantabrian Sea trough the ages have created series of tunnels through underground caves from where it feeds the Gulpiyuri with a crystal clear salted water.

lays de Gulpiyuri
lays de Gulpiyuri
lays de Gulpiyuri

Although it is probably the smallest lake in the world of this kind, more and more it is becoming a touristic attraction. Everything is a creation of the nature! Located in the middle of the meadow it is really hard to be found. Even if you ask for directions may not be very helpful. The best way to find this beach is having an updated GPS map.

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