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Two police officers sexually abused at a bachelorette party

Drunken ladies at a bachelorette partyA large group of Australian women were celebrating a bachelorette party; however, the alcohol really outdid itself at this party and leads it to go beyond and of the girls’ wildest expectations. The girls that were present at the bachelorette party, report that everything started normal, but at the end, due to the large consumption of alcohol, the party became wild. The girls also stated that they were very disappointed because the two strippers who were suppose to be the biggest surprise of the party didn’t show up.

Australian women at a bachelorette party
Aussie ladies drunken at a bachelorette party

As it happens, the neighbors called police to break up the party. When talking with neighbors, WC News reports back that the neighbors said that they understood and were tolerant of the party, but at the point when girls began running half naked and screaming in the front yard so late at night, it was time to involve the police.

What happened next at the bachelorette party will be something that no one present will forget! Two police officers came to the party telling the girls that someone had reported that they have been too loud and ask them to turn down the music. These drunken Aussie ladies, thinking that the officers were the two male strippers who were supposed to be earlier, began yelling at the officers in anger, asking them why they were so late and that at that moment they no longer had time for any foreplay. After verbally assaulting the two law enforcers, the girls started ripping their clothes off and some of them even tried to rape them. One of the officers succeeded to escape and the other one was kept by the ladies. What actually happened at the party after that, we will probably never know.

Police officers raped
Sexually abused police officers

Unofficially, WC News finds out that next day, that two police officers were forced to drop the charges against the bachelorette ladies for sexual abuse. If the case went to court, they will have to explain what exactly happened that night and with that said, it would end up being embarrassing for the whole police department. On the other hand, the bride is also trying to keep it quiet. None of them, however, the girls or officers, expected that this whole case would get such big publicity. Meanwhile, back at the police department, they are blaming the media for blowing all of this out of proportion.

The official statement of the Chief of Police, Jorgenson, is that: “They were most excited about the police presence,” – talking about the girls at the bachelorette party. Also he said: “They nearly had their shirts torn off, but they managed to escape with their dignity intact.” – of course talking about the two officers who was running away from the girls with highest dignity! As for the bride’s statement, she says that nothing happened and that the officers “went along with it very well,” even taking photos with the women by their patrol cars.

With the entire story told, we have only one question. If everything had went so well and the police officers were consenting, why was it that they needed to “escape” the party, as the Chief of Police said in his official statement? We think you will have to agree, there is something more here.