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“The French people deserve bigger than their current leader”

President Nikola Sarkozy and Carla BruniProbably you know about the biggest complex of the French President Sarkozy. If you accidently don’t know, the President of France, Mr. Sarkozy doesn’t feel comfortable when he is smallest guy in the room. The mediums constantly are making jokes about that and of course Nikola Sarkozy is helping as much as he can, working on new high lights over and over. The last high light, piece of art of Mr. Sarkozy himself, was when he starts hiring people from the streets just to stands behind him when the journalists are taking photos, so he can look taller! All chosen for that purpose have to be not taller than 150 cm (5 feet).
Sarkozy and Bruni
Sarkozy and Bush
For the first time one political subject start making jokes and teasing with Mr. Nikola Sarkozy about that. All world mediums have broadcasted the statement of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about Mr. Sarkozy: “The French people deserve better than their current leader.” With purpose or not this statement of Ahmadinejad was translated wrong! Iranian President was actually making joke about Sarkozy, and our reporter from Iran for WC News said that the true translation of this statement should be: “The French people deserve someone bigger than their current leader.” Our reporter from Iran explain that “bigger” in Iranian language means only taller not better!

This statement of Iranian President was provoked by Sarkozy, when he said: “Iranians deserved better after Iran’s 10th presidential election in June.”
Sarkozy trying to look taller
Le petit Sarkozy - photoshop