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Rude Frenchmen, Hypocrite Brits and Very Polite Japanese

Cute Japanese girlAccording a recent research of Expedia Best Tourist Index, that is running annually since 2002, interviewing over 4,500 hoteliers worldwide and asking them to rank different nationalities on their behavior as tourists.
Here we will presents you the most interesting results.
We will start with the French tourists. According the most hoteliers the French are the most non desirable people! They took the very last place on the list and they are characterized like arrogant, sometimes even vulgar, they never speak other language except French and never giving a tip! Funny but this is not end about rude Frenchmen. They never like to try any local traditional food and there is zero chance to see Frenchmen to eat with sticks. And the most funny or bizarre is the fact that they are not desirable as tourists even in their own country!
The very same story is with the Greeks! They are also not very desirable tourists in the world!
On the opposite side on the list are the polite Japanese tourists! They are the most wanted tourists by hoteliers everywhere in the world! They describe Japanese tourists as clean and tidy, the most polite, quiet, very pleasant people and they never have complains! There is only one remark about their behavior. They can be more cheerful were the common opinion of the most hoteliers.

Japanese tourists
Sweet Japanese tourist girl taking a picture

On the second place are the British holidaymakers. It’s very funny about the Brits that they are considered for hypocrites everywhere in Europe but the rest of the world have totally opposite opinion, outside European Union they are considered like very polite people, very kind and decent!
Germans are in the high fourth place on the list. They are very pleasant tourists, quiet, and they are trying to speak with the language of the natives. Even if their language ability is lousy they are trying so hard to speak or to learn the language or some words of the natives and they got a lot of sympathies for doing that!
There are some bad and some funny remarks about German tourists. If their vacation includes traveling they like to complain all the time during the traveling. The funny remark is about their look. They are easy recognized because they love to wear white socks in sandals in all combinations!

White socks in sandals
White socks in sandals
sexy tattooed girls

US tourists are also considered like one of the most desirable tourists. They are in top 9 most favorite tourists and they got top marks for generosity, as the biggest spenders and tippers.


  1. Japan
  2. Britain
  3. Canada
  4. Germany
  5. Switzerland
  6. Holland
  7. Australia
  8. Sweden
  9. USA
  10. Denmark

For WC News from New York,
Alexander Mac Dougall