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The aircraft Icon A5 – Science fiction into reality

Experience open-air flying with ICON A5Not so long ago, having an aircraft in your garage, piloting and having fun with an aircraft when the weather is good or becoming a pilot for just two weeks was a science fiction. Today, thanks to the new regulation changes that includes new Light Sport Aircraft category and especially thanks to the ICON Aircrafts for developing the aircraft Icon A5, the future is here!
ICON Aircrafts is founded by Kirk Hawkins former U.S. Air Force F-16 pilot, located in Southern California. The Icon A5 is a light sport aircraft designed for everyday people who wants adrenalin and when the sports cars are just not enough. The aircraft A5 prototype was made few years ago and the first testing flew was in 2008. The Icon A5 Aircraft is starting with production in late 2010 and if you have free space in your garage and more important if you have $139 000 you can order your own Icon A5 now, with only $5000 refundable deposit.
Aircraft A5
Icon A5
A5 innovative design
What should we say about Icon A5? Well…this aircraft definitely is not a joke. On Icon A5 was working a serious engineering team, the same team that was working on the project Voyager, the X-Prize winning Spaceship One, Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo and a lot of more projects. Also in making Icon A5 were involved numerous designers from the world’s top car brands as BMW, Porsche, Nissan, Rolls Royce and others.
Luxury inside as today's premium automobiles
Superb visibility for increased enjoyment of the world outside
Icon Aircraft in the development of A5 were using high-class materials like carbon fiber for the frame which is lightweight but very strength composite material used in Formula 1 car bolids, and also this material is durable and corrosion resistant which is very important because the Icon A5 is amphibious and can land and takeoff on both water and on land.

The wings of this aircraft can fold up, manually or automatically, for storage in a large garage. If the only thing for not buying Icon A5 is because you don’t have pilot license, that is not a problem anymore. For additional $2,800 – $3,500, Icons Aircrafts will give you airplane flight training lessons and after only 2 weeks you will have sport pilot license! Make a room in your garage and see the world from a completely new angle!
ICON A5 with folded wings
Transportation of A5 is easy
A5 have innovative interior design
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