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Sony Walkman A840 with OLED display and 16 to 64GB memory

MP3 player from SonySony will enrich their offer of mp3 players with new Walkman A840, announced for October. The best thing about this new Sony Walkman is that it comes with fabulous 2.8 inches, 720 x 480 pixels OLED display. What is significant advantage of OLED displays over wildly used LSD displays at this moment?

OLED’s doesn’t need backlight to function which makes them much thinner and lighter. Also OLED’s can display true black color and achieve much higher contrast ratio, and something very important especially for portable devises, they draw far less power than traditional LCD.
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Sony Walkman's
Another good thing about the new Sony Walkman A840 is the memory that will come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. The design of this Walkman is very attractive and it is the thinnest Walkman so far. We should also mention that Sony Walkman A840 will have TV out, FM radio and as always Sony’s good batteries which will enable 29 hours continuous music and 9 hours continuous video. The 16 GB, 32 GB and 64GB will retail for $263, $329 and $439.