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Spaceport in the New Mexico

Terminal Hanger Concept Spaceport America - A spaceport in New MexicoIf you build he will come! There was a movie in which this sentence was in the mind of Kevin Costner who was playing the role of the leading character. The movie was Field of Dreams. And character played by Mr. Costner was ‘forced’ to build a baseball court. The same story is now repeating in New Mexico but instead of baseball court the leading characters of this project are building a Spaceport?!

Spaceport terminal hangar facility
Inside the Spaceport Terminal

The whole project is underway and even you can support if you buy a mug, bag or T-shirt with the logo of the company Spaceport America. The leading people of the Spaceport America have in mind that in the very near future other companies will need special services in order to launch in space. Some of these companies are Virgin Galactic and Lockheed Martin. Spaceport America will be the first civilian and commercial spaceport and will provide services to the other commercial entities.

Sir Richard-Branson with the Mothership
Richard Branson and Burt Rutan in WhiteKnightTwo Rollout

The construction of this first commercial Space Port will be ended in 2010.
And probably here we can end this news but we had some other information. Some of the people who publicly support this project actually know that this is not commercially visible project and they investing heavily in the hospitality business around this “Spaceport”.

Mothership and SpaceShip Two
Virgin Galactic SpaceShip TwoFeather

As we heard the Spaceport America will just need to evoke the memories of the space programs back from the 1960s. The Spaceport America will actually be the hospitality business. The Spaceport America will be a different kind of destination for the people which are bored with Las Vegas or Florida.

X Prize cup Airborne
Spaceport America

For WC News from Houston, Texas,
Michael HAAS