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Speedier than a jet fighter, even from a space shuttle!

Anna hummingbird also well known as KolibriNo, it is not Superman or Chuck Norris. We are talking about the fastest bird on this planet! Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley found that the courtship dive of Anna’s hummingbird is 58 mph making it the fastest animal on earth.
The Anna’s Hummingbird, which was named in the 19th century after Anna Massena, Duchess of Rivoli and weighs less than five grams, normally flies at 33mph but hits even higher speeds when display diving during the breeding season.
They also found that when the bird, a native of North America, pulls up at the end of the swoop it experiences forces 10 times the pull of gravity – more than even experienced jet pilots can endure without passing out.
The speed of Kolibri compare
When a female flies onto a male’s territory, he rises up and then dives. At the bottom of the dive when the bird reaches top speed it produces a loud sound, described by some as an “explosive squeak” with its outer tail-feathers.
Anna Hummingbird
Anna Hummingbird
This proves 3 things! First that male will do anything for female! The size doesn’t matter! The males are same in any size or form! Someone should send this article to French president Sarkozy, we honestly hope it will help him about his size complex!

From California for WC News,
Laura Bukowski