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Starcraft 2 Release (between 2007 and 2012) Stay tuned!

Starcraft cinematic wallpaperProtoss, Terran, and Zerg. Are you familiar with these names? If the answer is yes probably you are waiting for the release of the new Blizzard game Starcraft 2. Starcraft 2 will be a fast paced real time strategy game. The Starcraft 2 is a sequel of the legendary original with the same name Starcraft. In the sequel there will be the same units, some of them upgraded and there will be some brand new too.

As the funs of the first Starcraft we are anxious to put our hands on the Starcraft 2, but we are disappointed by the endless waiting. The Blizzard Entertainment is playing with the funs of this game and it is offering nothing but animated video, screenshots, wallpapers, mobile ring tones and some other poor excuses instead of the real thing. And when I write the phrase ‘real thing’ I mean the actual game!

Starcraft always on my overmind wallpaper
Starcraft its about valentine wallpaper
starcraft my life for aiur wallpaper

If you visit the press room of Blizzard entertainment and start to read the press releases, you will get an impression that Blizzard Entertainment is no longer into a gaming but in the hospitality industry. Now instead of games they are selling tickets for their show!

starcraft wallpaper
starcraft wallpaper
starcraft wallpaper

From June 26, 2008 until May 29, 2009 they have neither one press release for the Starcraft 2. Not a word! Is this mean that Starcraft 2 still does not have a release date? Is this mean that Starcraft 2 is not going to be released before 2010? We have a bad filing that we will need to wait long before we can enjoy Starcraft 2.

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