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Start voting! Who have the biggest balls!? T-shirt for the winner!!!

Start voting! Who have the biggest balls!?OK people, You can START voting! Vote for your favorite, or your favorites. That’s mean you can choose more than one. The voting is limited to 5 votes! That should be enough to express your will! You can’t find more liberal democracy than here at WC News!
We can’t wait to see who you think have the biggest balls.
Long time ago, someone ask an ancient philosopher, how he imagine a perfect political system. His answer for surprise of everyone was short and conscientious. He said a perfect political system is when even a moron can successfully run the country. Because one day a moron will run the country!
According this we can freely make a conclusion that today most states have a perfect political system. But what we want is your opinion. Do you think today the states rules with the presidents or still exists some presidents with who actually run the state!? Or is there still some president with the balls!? And if there is someone, who do you think have the biggest balls!?
Cool T-shirt for the winner
Feel free to share your opinion and to have polemic about it, VOTE and have a great FUN! We will try to contact the winner to let him know that you have voted him for the politician with the biggest balls and we will send him or her a beautiful T-SHIRT!

For WC News from Washington DC,
Carl Ackerman