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Only the sky was the limit for 28-year-old Austrian drunk student!

28 old student wakes up on craneStefan Hohenwart, a 28-year-old Austrian student from Graz was having great fun in a local club with his friends, girls, and lot of drinking, dancing and even more drinking and then totally drunk and tired he left the club! But where did he go after his party?

Next day a construction worker who is working as a crane operator went to his job on a 150 feet (46 meters) crane cab. He was shocked when he heard snoring away in his cab. You can guess who was there. Of course our student we mention before. He woke up the student who freaked up when he realize where he is.

β€œHe was so freaked and he was so scared to go down so I had no choice but to call a police!” – said the construction worker, Franz Gleirscher.

Stefan Hohenwart, told police he had no idea how he got up there. The police spokesmen said: “When our officers got there and get the man down he swore he had no idea how he got up there and just remembers leaving the pub and feeling very tired.”
“Going up 150 feet into the crane cab can be a risky undertaking at the best of times, let alone after a heavy drinking session. This man was very lucky he got up there safely.” – said the police officer.
The student was driven at home by the police and would face no charges since he had not caused any damage.

For WC News from Graz, Austria
Johann Schwarz