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Stop for the crime! With the power of the flower!

Stop for the crime! With the power of the flower!The Japanese are not stopping to surprise the world with their unique methods. Probably you are asking what’s new in Japan. Well…this may sound weird but works, at least in Japan! Japanese crime analytic came to unbelievable conclusion. The houses with a lot of flowers in their front yards have been 10 times less targets of the thieves!
So the authorities in Japan decide to make a little test. They ask the citizens of Suginami, (city with 528 000 citizens and 1.710 burglaries in 2002), a city with the biggest robbery percent per citizen in Japan to plant a flowers in front of their houses, around the buildings and all along the sidewalks. The “Operation Flower” has started 3 years ago and the results of this operation are very impressive! The number of burglaries was reduced for 80%.
The authorities of Suginami are very proud, they say not only the city never look prettier but also never have been safer place for living!

From Suginami, Japan for WC News,
Jack Williams