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Summer travel tip – Overnight Rainforest Adventure

RainforestAre you looking for one of the most unique and fulfilling experiences that life has to offer? Tired of the usual beach summers offers? How would you feel about spending 24 hours in the rainforest? A journey to the rainforest would include intense humidity and extreme heat, insect bites to the most inconvenient places on your body, and an abundance of mosquitoes that are impossible to rid. At the same time, however, the rainforest offers deeply exquisite scenery and the most unique wildlife on this planet. The rainforest is a fading paradise of which today, only 3% remains. An adventurous travel to an endangered Heaven on Earth and visiting living 24 hours with its quickly dying family of wildlife would truly be a lifetime experience.


Can you hear it yet? Howling monkeys from the trees, the distant roaring of waterfalls, wild birds talking to one another… traveling to a rainforest would be more than just an adventurous summer vacation, it would be a journey of a lifetime. Tours through the Amazon Rainforest and other rainforests around the world are available and well worth every penny.