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UFOs transported through Dallas or just a big show for the people?

UFOs transported through Dallas highwayIt is UFO or not? This is the main debate on internet lately! A lot of “dust” about the new video on YouTube in Dallas! Before we publish this information we tried to find out more about this but without any success, no one wants to speak about it. And no one knows anything!?!?
Let’s start from the beginning. We will not make any assumptions and we will publish only the facts!
First, a lot of people start calling the local radio with information they have seen an UFO, and not just that they all claim that the Dallas Highway was closed, police escorts were forcing people to exit and shutting down ramps getting onto the highway while 2 UFOs were transported on 2 trucks with police and military escorts! Some guy was driving right behind the military escort and didn’t pay any attention what is in front of him but listening the radio he realize that he is on the place that everybody is talking about. He took some photo with his mobile phone.

UFOs Dallas I-20 Highway
UFOs transported through Dallas I-20 Highway

Also and other radio stations starts receiving calls about UFOs and then silence everywhere! They have been told not to goes life about it!
The pictures made from the car were blurry and everything was on the way to be forgotten but someone publish a video on YouTube!

UFOs Dallas
UFO Dallas - YouTube

It remains unclear about the radio station, why they have been told not to replay the audio and why their email system has allegedly gone automatic. And maybe more important who gave them an order! Why the highway was closed when the trucks were escorted by police and by military and finely why nobody goes in public with official information, why no one knows anything and no one is competent to respond to some question about it?!

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