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The most safe pocket memory – PPS8100 Personal Pocket Safe

PPS8100 Personal Pocket SafeIf you are working in a project and you need to transfer your data between few computers and you need to keep it confidential or simply you are paranoiac, now there is solution for you! Take PPS8100 Personal Pocket Safe USB Flash Drive is a flash drive with all kind of security features to protect your important data. When you looked, firstly you will notice the integrated numeric security keypad which requires entering your PIN in order to access to the contents. Information’s are secured by 256-bit AES encryption. The intruder will be locked out after 3 incorrect PIN entry attempts. Also this pocket USB flash memory has build in self destructing content feature upon forced access to memory chip.

Personal Pocket Safe USB flash memory
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But this is not all that this PPS have to offer! Now you may not lose your content even if you lose your USB stick, because Take PPS8100 Personal Pocket Safe USB Flash Drive offer you backup software for automatically synchronize data between your PPS USB flash drive and the online storage, and you don’t have to pay additionally for it. It comes with every Personal Pocket Safe USB!

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PPS - Very safe memory
Personal Pocket Safe USB Drive
Personal Pocket Safe USB Drive

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