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Ten “Great” Harley Davidson products!

FBI action against the cult porn movie Deep ThroatIn the past and according to many people much better times, the companies were producers and not licensers. Probably that is the reason why the economy was better than today. Just for example we found 10 stupid products licensed by good old Harley Davidson.

1. Harley Davidson desk lamps? We just can’t imagine the lamps with this notorious logo. We just simply can not imagine desk and Harley in the same room! These lamps have a flexible neck so the buyer can aim the light. Price was $79.00 and now you can buy for just (?) $54.99. Exactly the same lamps you can buy for $6 but without HD logo. For 54.99 dollars you will get two lamps but without the bulbs. Bulbs can be bought separately.
2. Can you imagine the morons with a Harley Davidson Fat Boy Motorcycle Telephone instead of regular telephone in his office? If you are into it you can get this telephone for $65. It will come in the unopened original box. Of course it is officially licensed too. Harley Davidson Fat Boy Motorcycle Telephone is in the silver color.
Harley Davidson desk lamp
Harley Davidson Letter stand Kit
Harley Davidson night night

3. The fantasy of the money hungry old inefficient company can be seen with this Putco Harley-Davidson® Inferno Grilles 53142 Blazin’ hot grilles with Harley-Davidson® pride. This grill fits most full size SUV’s and trucks. It is made from stainless steel. Price: was $195.95, now is $138.50
4. Harley Davidson seat cover. The once proud bike makers now are tailors and they are making seat covers. You can choose for high and low back bucket. Price: From 19.95 to 39.95 dollars.

Harley Davidson Clothespole, Toy-Box and Book-Shelf
harley davidson white sneakers
Seat cover and Tiffany Pendant Lamp

5. My favored stupid product is definitely this one! Officially licensed orange metal sparkling nightlight. For $56.99 you will receive 3 of these Harley Davidson nightlights.
6. Harley Davidson blanket! You can be bad to the bone on your picnic with your kids. Or you can worm up your grandmother in the bad to the bone style! The full name is Harley Davidson Rose Tattoo Fleece Blanket. It is made by 100% polyester and has classic Harley logo in pink print. You can get it very cheap. Only for $14.
7. These white YOOX collection sneakers with Harley Davidson logo are the best proof that something is very wrong with the sexuality of the Harley Davidson CEO! Price was $109.00, now is $69.00. If you decide to buy these sneakers do not blame us if you get a strange sweet looks…
8. Table and chair set. Color: black and orange. This table and chairs will be perfect for the kid’s room. The full name of this product is Harley Davidson Flame Table and 2 Chair Set. For kids from 5 to 8 years old. Price with delivery: $223. You can not believe that Harley Davidson is in the furniture business? We neither! Something is very, very wrong here? The question is do this people have a time for making bikes?
9. Harley-Davidson Tiffany-Style Pendant Lamp – Mahogany Finish. I did not believe that one day I will see the word Tiffany together with the Harley Davidson name. This is sad. One 100 Watt bulb required. Price: $260. Made in U.S.A.
10. What is next? Milk, cereals or Harley Davidson cakes? Or maybe a Harley Davidson diapers ?

Harley-Davidson diaper
Harley Davidson milk
Harley Davidson Baby Pink Sneakers

For WC News from New York,
Alexander Mac Dougall