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The fly killed by Mr. Obama was Hi-Tech fly property of WC News!

Obama destroyed hi-tech fly cameraWASHINGTON, D.C. – Probably you are already informed about the President Obama fly kill. The important information you do not know is that the fly was not a fly but state of the art nano-tech camera and microphone owned by our respected WC News information agency. We piloted our nano-tech information gathering device into a CNBC conference room (with previous agreement with CNBC) to capture the interview with Mr. President Barack Obama from a different angle.
Now our legal experts are preparing a law suit against Mr. Obama and probably we are going in the court. If President Barack Obama is willing to compensate for the destruction of our fly like equipment we will be more than happy to forget the court.

The President Obama on CNBS
The President Obama destroying WC News Hi-Tech Fly

The cost of the expensive fly like surveillance equipment is 7.000 American dollars. The lost chance for having this interview is priceless but we will agree for additional 3.000 dollars or $10.000 for the both issues.
Our fly operator also experienced a mild trauma, because he was hooked up on the fly with a virtual reality link. After the shock he explained to us that he experienced a death situation.

WC News Hi-Tech Fly
WC News Hi-Tech Fly

I land on his hand and start to prepare the microphone and the cameras. In the moment when I got a crystal clear picture from the fly cameras I noticed his hand how is coming with a high speed. I did not have a time to react. My whole body was paralyzed in fear. When he smashed our fly I thought I am dead.

The problem with virtual reality systems is that the people who are attached on the system are loosing the reality and they are becoming a part of the system. Our fly operator had experienced the same situation. We are trying to compensate him with some days off, but he informed us that he is looking for the lawyer too and he is going to fill the separate law suit.
We hope that people will thing twice before they decide to kill something in the future.

For WC News from Washington DC,
Carl Ackerman