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The Government Allowing Him to Have a Girlfriend

Wang HaoThe best Chinese ping pong player 25 year-old Wang Hao, finally can have a girlfriend. This is the decision of the Chinese government!
It is well know that the best Chinese star athletes are under the “watchful eye”, and athletes who date or marry without permission risk being punished, and also they have to give to the state a large percentage of their winnings.

Five years ago Wang Hao started dating with Fan Ying, another Chinese athlete without permission and she was kicked off the national team. Back then, Wang Hao was lucky, because of his great reputation as a young talent and because his world ranking was much higher than Fan Ying’s he avoided punishment.
We would like to wish him everything the best and to keep winning medals, who knows if he win another medal, the government will allow him and to sleep with his girlfriend!