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The little green ones love oceans

aliensBack to Soviet times, the Russian navy forms a special navy group for collecting reports of unexplained incidents with the submarines and military ships. The group was headed by deputy Navy commander Admiral Nikolay Smirnov. The most records they have collected were connected with UFO. The former navy officer and a famous Russian UFO researcher, Vladimir Azhazha says that the documents reveal numerous cases of possible UFO encounters.

“Fifty percent of UFO encounters are connected with oceans. Fifteen more – with lakes. So UFOs tend to stick to the water,” he said.
One of the places where people often report UFOs is the lake Baikal, the deepest lake in the world. In 1982 during a military dive training a group of humanoid creatures dressed in silvery suits was spotted at a depth of 50 meters (164 feet). They try to catch them but that was very fatal for them. Three of the seven men died, while the others were severely injured.

Vladimir Azhazha assumes that the aliens are having underwater bases. Nothing should be discarded,” says Vladimir Azhazha.

The most interesting documents of the Russian navy are from the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle. Retired admiral Yury Beketov said: “On several occasions the instruments gave reading of material objects moving at incredible speed. Calculations showed speeds of about 230 knots, of 400 kph. Speeding so fast is a challenge even on the surface. But water resistance is much higher. It was like the objects defied the laws of physics. There’s only one explanation: the creatures who built them far surpass us in development,”

According Igor Barklay, Captain 1st rank, the UFOs often show up wherever Russian or NATO’s fleets concentrate.

For WC News from Moscow,
Igor Rostotsky