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“The mafia in Bulgaria can decide when it should rain…!”

LotteryWhat are the chances the same winning numbers to be picked again by a lottery machine. You don’t have to expert to know that the chances are almost impossible. According the mathematicians it would be 1 : 4 000 000! But what are the chances the same winning numbers to be picked two times in row? That’s exactly what happened in Bulgarian national lottery. On 6 September the numbers 4, 15, 23, 24, 35 were selected by a machine and on the next lottery on 10 September the same numbers were selected again. After the second draw the Bulgarian minister Svilen Neikov ordered a probe. The repeated draw, lottery officials called a freak coincidence.
Bulgarian minister of sport
Bulgarian national lottery
Although the investigation confirmed that it was a pure fluke, the people in Bulgaria are convinced it was 100% fixed! Our reporter from Bulgaria said that in Bulgaria this repeated lottery didn’t evoke any sensation although this news was broadcasted by almost all news agencies in the world! “The mafia in Bulgaria can decide when should it rain and where! And they can tell when the rain should stop. The mafia is controlling everything, that’s why the people here took it so normally without any sensation” – said a person from Bulgaria who wished to be anonymous. “Bulgaria is a country with unlimited possibilities” – he added smiling.

The most suspicious about this lottery is the fact that nobody won in the first draw but on the second draw there were 18 winners! Maybe for Bulgaria it is “normal” but the psychologists and the gambling experts also have a lot of doubts about the lottery ‘Fluke’!