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The Simpsons are going to Africa

The Simpsons are going to AfricaThe most popular animated series The Simpson for the first time will be broadcasting in Africa. For that purpose the America’s best known animated family will have new image and some cultural transformations.
An advertising agency from Angola in order to make The Simpsons closer to the people in Africa, they decide to make some changes and to give The Simpsons more Afro style for marketing purpose only. Now they all look like a typical African family. Now Marge have black hair instead her blue hair, while Lisa’s hair is stood up on end in short braids. The whole family is dressed in typical Afro style and they are all wearing flip flops.

Also for the promotion of The Simpsons in Africa, the British band Coldplay is being turned into cartoons for an episode, and only Chris Martin have a speaking role in the episode.
For the first time in Africa this comedy cartoon will start broadcasting in September.