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The smallest Gold gun in the world is “shooting” with diamonds

Swiss gold mini gunThe Swiss company SwissMiniGun have produced functional (with all the same features as are found on a real size gun) mini revolver with only 5.5 cm (2.1 inches), which makes this gun the smallest in the world, now and officially confirmed by Guinness World Records!
This gun use 2.34 mm caliber rim fire ammunition which is specially developed for it.
The smallest gun
Tuned Enzo Ferrari
Mini revolver
Swiss mini gun
The smallest gun
Swiss gun
Actually there is a while since this company has started producing mini guns but now they decided to offer and luxury version of this mini gun in 18k solid gold, hand engraved, with diamonds or other collared precious stones.
The Swiss mini gun in gold and diamonds
Mini gun with Gold and diamonds
The smallest revolver in gold version
Swiss mini gun
Very luxury Swiss mini revolver

The price of the mini gun made in stainless steel is 6 500 Swiss Francs (around $6 300); and the price of the gold luxury version depends on the quantity of the finishing and the customer’s wishes and they can varied because the Swiss company offers a lot of to choose from such as: ebony grips, hand engraved grips, gold grips with diamonds or collared precious stones). This version is made on order only.
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