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The world famous wisdom of Socrates and his Triple Filter Test!

Socrates Test of ThreeSocrates was an ancient philosopher and he was considered as a very wise man, a man beyond his time. He is well know as a teacher of the Alexander the Great, the king of Macedonia. He developed many principles and one of them was his Test of Three or Triple Filter Test! One day a man approach to Socrates and evidently excited told him that he have something very important to tell him about one of his friends. But Socrates attained cool and told him: “Hold on. Before you tell me anything about my friend I want to run a test on you. It is called Triple Filter Test!”


“Triple Filter Test?” – the man was wondering.


“Exactly. Before I hear anything about my friends it have to match my criteria! First of all, it have to be True. The thing you want to tell me about my friend are you certain it is a true?”


“Well…no. I just hear it myself.” – answered the man.


“Ok. You want to tell me something about my friend but you don’t know if it is a true. Let’s see if it match my second criteria of Goodness. Is what you are about to tell me, is it something good about my friend?”


“Oh, no! On the contrary…!”


“So, you don’t know if it is true and it is something bad about my friend. Ok, you can still pass my Test if it match my last criteria of Usefulness. Now tell me, is what you want to tell me about my friend, going to be useful to me?”


“No, not really…”

“Well, if the thing you wanted to tell me about my friend is neither True, nor Good, nor even Useful! Why would I be interested to hear a crap from you about my friend!”
The man had to leave totally ashamed and defeated. That was one of the reasons why Socrates was considered as a very wise man! That was also the reason why he never found out that his friend was banging his wife!