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Tokyo Motor Show without cars but with beautiful girls

Japanese GirlTokyo Motor Show is not interesting anymore – that is the opinion of the biggest car makers of the world. This year Tokyo Motor Show is a lonely place. Most of the biggest automakers in the world did not show up, in the most interesting and one of the most important Auto (Motor) Shows on Asian continent.
The big companies like German automakers Volkswagen AG and BMW AG as well as U.S. manufacturers General Motors Co. and Ford Motor Co were absent with an excuse that the world economy crisis are demanding more careful spending . Last year all of these makers were present with a big and luxury appearance of their show space.

All auto shows are same, some are bigger some smaller but this one in Tokyo is unique. That’s because of the very beautiful Japanese girls that you can see only in Tokyo Motor Show. And when it comes to beautiful girls as always you can rely to our impeccable eye. In absence of cars we will present you some of the girls in Tokyo Motor Show.
Cute Japanese girl posing
Japanese girl in Tokyo Motor Show
Cute girl at Tokyo Motor Show
Japan auto market is a mature market with a slow up or downturns. Last year only 3.21 million vehicles were sold in Japan which is the lowest number in the last thirty years. Also the big auto makers are turning their main attention toward the Chinese auto market which is the fastest growing auto market in the world. With 9.66 million units sold in the first nine months of 2009, China becomes the biggest auto market in the world even bigger than USA auto market.
Cute Japanese Babe
Japanese Babes
Tokyo Motor Show - Hostess Girls
The biggest disgrace for the Tokyo Motor Show was the absence of the South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Corporation. Hyundai Motor Co. which was on the list of the companies, who will participate, canceled their presence just three weeks before the official start of the Tokyo Motor Show. The official spokesmen of the South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Corporation justify their absence with “the global economic downturn, which has forced a more careful allocation of resources.”
Cute Japanese Hostess
Hostess girl
Hostess Girls
Is this the first sign that Tokyo Motor Show will be erased from the list of the biggest and most important Motor and Auto shows in the world?
Tokyo Motor Show Babes
Tokyo Babes
Tokyo Motor Show Girls