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That’s what we call support. Topless girls marching in Manchester!

Topless girls marching in ManchesterGroup of beautiful girls marched through the Manchester Exchange Square wearing boots, tight trousers and nothing else! Their topless march was organized by artist Fanny Gogh as a part of a campaign for support of the British Armed Forces and their families. The topless models with their march were trying to raise money and sends coffee, tea (hey, don’t laugh for the Brits the tea is essential) and chocolate (it could be really dangerous if they run out of chocolate in the war zone) to troops in Afghanistan.

Although we are not supporting any kind of war we do support this kind of support. We hope these girls won’t stop here and in their next march they will be completely naked with little painting camouflages if it’s necessary.
Beautiful topless girl
Breasts - Body paint
British babes gets body paint across tits
Topless in support of British troops
Topless girls march
Topless march
Naked March For Troops
British babes posing
British girls topless
Hot models marching topless in Manchester
Topless march
Glamour girls march topless
British models posing topless
Topless march in Manchester
Solider with beautiful models
Topless march
Topless march
Girls strip off
Topless march in Manchester