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Hey mom, guess where I am?

Why does the caller ID say 'county jail?During the biggest campaign against driving under the influence (DUI) you have to call to your mother to tell her that you are in jail for driving under the influence. Can you imagine her reaction?
In Utah there is a “one call” campaign for DUI, using slogan like: “Getting a DUI is easy, calling your mom from jail is hard!” A number has been set up, 1-877-JAIL-FON (524-5366), to recreate a jail call. The caller from the other site gets “warm” greetings by yelling man who gives an introduction and option of people to talk to “their hysterical mother or disapproving father”. It’s a way of making that “one call” without actually having to make it. After selecting “the best” option, the caller can have a “conversation” with a prerecorded message of how the person selected might react.

The goal is to deter people from drinking and driving by recreating what it might feel like to make your one phone call from jail, especially if you have to call you mother!