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Vampire driver bite a pedestrian – Count Dracula is waiting?!

VampireSlow pedestrians always make the drivers nervous and angry. But for the recently Romanian case we have something more to inform.
A driver pissed off by the pedestrian who were crossing the street very slowly, get out of the car and simply bite the pedestrian. The victim of this unusual assault is 36 year old Mihai Nicoara. The hungry driver Radu Becali is charged for the attacking and for public health violence.
Pedestrian was immediately transported to the hospital despite his claiming that he is good and he can go by himself. The doctors in the hospital examined the victim very carefully and they find a vampire bite!? The driver which probably was half vampire was not actually a pissed off but simply hungry.
Mihai Nicoara will be saved by his own bad luck. He was walking across the street very slowly because he had a slow metabolism. This kind of metabolism is a bad host for the vampire physiology and even he is bitten Mihai is not going to become a vampire. He can continue with his normal life within a few weeks. In the first few days after the bite he experienced an unusual hunger for raw meet and strange thirst.
In the last 50 years in Romania were reported very few cases of vampire attacks despite the fact that this country is a homeland of the vampires. A former Romanian communist dictator Nikolai Chauchesku was also a vampire and a few thousand yang girls and boys were reported missing during his life. He was shot together with his wife in public with silver coated bullets by the rebels who were using the weapons surrendered by Romanian Special Forces.
The first and most famous vampire is Count Dracula. In the beginning of the last century he was defeated by the famous and most dangerous vampire hunter Mr. Gabriel Van Helsing. As a close friend with a Russian Tsar, Van Helsing sends the Count Dracula remains to be closely guarded in the Russian Empire. The first 40 years this remains were closely guarded by the Volga Kozaks. Nowadays Count Dracula is hibernated under the mountain of Ural which is a border between European and Asian part of Russia. The tunnel to his lair is closed with an Orthodox Monastery and closely guarded by the Russian forces of the Volga-Ural Military District (until 1989 just Ural Military District) headquartered in Yekaterinburg. This is a day to day job of the 2d Combined Arms Army. There are very little reports about this matter but side by side on this guard are the military and the Russian Orthodox Church.
The news for this matter is very poor but there are some reports and eye witnesses which are claiming that something is happening there. The recent tectonic movement unusual for this area is a proof that at least some of the rumors are truth.

From Bucharest, Romania for WC News,
Ana-Maria Popescu