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Vending Machines for Gold Installed In Germany

Gold barsAt the main railway station in Germany, Frankfurt, an ATM machine selling tiny gold bars. The idea was borne out during the crisis and the popular demand these days making gold a safer investment.
About 59 tons of gold bars and gold coins were sold first quarter of the current year in Germany. The Germans and the French hold the absolute leadership when it comes to purchasing gold.
A one-gram piece of gold from the vending machine, cost 31 euro (US$42.25) and the flat rectangular piece came out of the cash-only ATM in a tin box, including a certificate of authenticity. Apart from the one-gram variety, 5-gram and 10-gram pieces will also be available for most anyone to purchase.
Vending Machines for Gold
piece of gold
The ATMs will be equipped with technology ensuring that the prices charged by the ATMs keep pace with those on the website.
About 500 Vending Machines for Gold will be installed in Frankfurt-am-Main and other large German cities, also in Austria as well as Switzerland.

For WC News from Berlin,
Hannah Goldberg