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Village People Mistake Sex Toy for Magical Double-Headed Mushroom

Sex toyWe would like to think that it is a common unspoken desire not to have to use the words “fungus” and “vagina” in the same sentence, but for the villagers from Liucunbu, these two terms took the spotlight in national news.
During the process of drilling a new well shaft in the village of Liucanbu, a small community outside the western Chinese city of Xi’an, the village people stumbled upon a sex toy. Due to the flexibility of the unknown object and unique two-headed mushroom shape it held, residents immediately informed the local news station to come out and take a look. “It has an eye and a nose, but we don’t know what it is,” honestly proclaimed a local as he and others stood around watching float in a bucket of water.
With much interest and amazement a detailed description of it was passed around the village and at the time, by the people of Liucanbu, it was decided that the found object must be a shelf fungus of the Ganoderma lucidum species. According to Chinese legend, this type of lingzhi has the power to give a human immortality. A unique mushroom of this shape and size is however, rarely seen because it a fungi that takes growth underground.

After the interest was so greatly accepted by the people of Liucanbu, and its local news station, the story was aired. Naturally many people saw this so intriguing broadcast and took quick notice of this miraculous find. It was truly none other than a sex toy designed after than none other… the female genitalia. It was less than 24 hours that this video report caught national attention and gained millions of views. Assuming the obvious embarrassment of the Xi’an news station, it quickly made a public blog apology saying:

“Our program last night made everyone laugh,” the apology said, expressing regret for an “uncomfortable and misleading” report. “Our reporter is very young and sheltered.”

That’s sweet. Now someone, get that woman a sex toy.


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