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WARTBURG will save OPEL from the crises!?

WartbugrOPEL is considering revamping the old and notoriously known car brand Wartburg. The recession is hard for everyone in the auto industry and all of them are working on a rescue plans. In GM must have been really desperate because their plan for saving Opel is with a name WARTBURG. Probably most of you never heard for Wartburg. Wartburg is a car and was in production in the 1950s and 1960s and then again the production of the latest model starts right before the reunification of Germany.
For anyone who actually have seen this car and had a really bad luck to ride inside one of these cars it is well known that it was one of the ugliest cars ever built in the world. These cars were three-cylinder, two-stroke, with a grand total of seven moving engine parts. Yes it was cheap and yes it was very welcomed by the farmers all over Europe.
Also this car was in use in the Balkan area mostly for moving vegetables from the farms to the market. Even the Yugo was a better choice for the people who actually were going out to get a girl!

All marketing agency are with the same opinion:” Yes, it ok if they like to do the same job Renault is doing with Dacia, but using the name Wartburg is not smart move in the marketing world.”
The car company’s executives all over West Europe and USA are asking each other how to get out of the crises and nobody like to give the answer which is clear for everybody. Exclusive for WC-NEWS an unnamed economy expert with an experience in the car industry make the following statement for our respected agency:
– The heavy finance help to these companies by the governments with the money of the tax payers need to be conditioned by firing not the workers but all those fat farts that now control the car industry.

For WC News from Berlin,
Hannah Goldberg