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WC News discovers! How the Somalia pirates drama have started?!?

Somalia piratesSacha Baron Cohen (British comedian and Golden Globe-winning actor most noted for his comic characters Ali G, Borat a Kazakh reporter and Bruno a flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion reporter) wrote a script for a new comedy. After his big success with “Borat” the comedy about the journalist from Kazakhstan in America, the new script was about some Somalia peasants who do not have a way how to survive and have a plan to become pirates. These peasants are watching a big cargo ships every day, just a few miles from their farms. They are becoming pirates only with few rusty AK-47, couple of hand grenades and a small fishing boat. After a few successful attacks on the cargo and container ships, in the second part of the script these pirates are boarding and capturing a super modern navy warship with cruising missiles, automatic cannons, radars, modern satellite communication networks and Special Forces detachment.

The script continues with a big international security drama, because this ship is hiding a secret about the US Navy communication system. Also other big countries are suspicious that this ship is carrying a complement of a few tactical nuclear warheads.
The movie script had a big chance to repeat the success of the previous Sacha Baron Cohen, movie project, but something unexpected happened!
What actually happened?
After his visit (Sacha Baron Cohen) in Somalia to choose locations for shooting this movie, the script for the movie was mysteriously lost. The local citizens found it and it seems to them like a good pirates plan and they decided to make it true. We are all familiar with the rest of the story but we don’t know how it will end.
We try to communicate with Sacha to tell us how this comedy ends but he is not open for the journalist about this matter. As we found out he is pissed off because the great comedy script is now ruined.

For WC News from Washington,
Rachel Dickinson