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Why Some People Have Little to No Memory Loss?

Research of people with no memory lostHow far back can you remember? How great of detail can you remember it? A round-about year time frame? A day or two ago? Breakfast perhaps? How about a day, year, date and time? For some people this is a reality…with no brain training techniques or even reading “How to Improve Memory” books; memory loss for these certain people is unconceivable. An amazing phenomenon of being able to recall every memory in perfect detail since about the age of 10 studies show.


Individuals with this anti-memory loss ability, scientists call a highly superior autobiographical memory. Researchers at University of California, Irvine (UCI) studied 11 people with the highly superior autobiographical memory condition and spotted distinct differences in nine structures of their brains which are associated with the autobiographical memory. Another interesting noticeable fact about the participants in this study of memory was that they had a greater amount of white matter connecting the middle and front parts of their brains.

“The next step is that we want to understand the mechanisms behind the memory,” LePort said. “Is it just the brain and the way its different structures are communicating? Maybe it’s genetic. Maybe it’s molecular.” Says UCI researcher Aurora LePort.


Scientists have confirmed 33 unique cases, 11 from this study and 1 being “Taxi” actress Marilu Henner. 37 other people have been identified as strong candidates for this memory condition but further testing is required.


Granted, brain training is useful when searching for ways on how to improve memory, but nothing can beat the all natural anti-memory loss.