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With united forces to more than just a Smartphone!

Stoned dog acting like a catThe world’s largest chip maker Intel and the world’s largest mobile phone maker Nokia announce “long-term strategic partnership” to create an open standard for a new mobile computing platform built upon Linux-based operating systems.
This long term partnership between these giants is not maiden for producing more new Smartphones but for creating a new category beyond today’s Smartphones. As the Nokia’s Executive Vice President Dr. Kai Oistamo said, Intel and Nokia are coming together to create a “brave new world.”

Nokia&Intel Smartphones
Nokia communicator

According the Intel’s senior vice president of its ultra-mobility group Anand Chandrasekher, “This collaboration will drive exciting new revenue opportunities for both companies and shape the next era of mobile computing.”
For now the both companies doesn’t want to reveal anything more about their product plans accept that the new products will be small enough to fit in the pocket.
The both technological giants have a lot of to offer to either, but what they will offer to the customers we will wait to see!

For WC News from New York,
Alexander Mac Dougall