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Xbox better than USAF pilot academy!

UAF PredatorYour pilots are no better than my 12 year old son. He can handle an unmanned aircraft better than your pilots which are spending a years in USAF pilot academy. These are common words which are spoken during the conversations between Pentagon officials and the heads of the United States Air Forces.
United States Air Forces are using a fully qualified (sic!?) human pilots for their UAV’s (unmanned air vehicle). Due to this decision there are numerous and expensive accidents. The results of some of these accidents are fully destroyed multi million equipment.
In the other case the United States Army is using a trained operators, but the landing of the UAV’s are fully automated. The operators which are proudly wearing the US Army tags are trained with equipment similar to the gaming consoles which can be bought for a few hundred of dollars.
The biggest mistake of the United States Air Force planers is the decision of not having auto-landing equipment in the well known Predator UAV. These decisions build up the costs of exploitation of these vehicles.

UAF Predator

The lost Predators reported in media are varying because the USAF is doing everything to hide the real number of destroyed UAV’s. The experts in data mining (yes you need a data mining expert to found something useful in the government reports) are reporting that more than a 35% of the Predators are destroyed due to the pilot mistake or the wrong data from the ground landing stations.
The philosophy of the United States Army is completely different. Instead of having a pilots which training cost may be up to millions of dollars, US Army is using a non commissioned specialists which can fly the UAV. The Sky Warrior (US Army variant of Predator) can lend itself automatically and Shadow can do the same. The healthy logic of the US Army is that the training in the crewed aircraft is not important for flying the UAV. Prove of this approach are less mistakes from the operators in the US Army against a numerous accidents in the USAF.

For WC News from Washington DC,
Carl Ackerman