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Yahoo Had Rented 100 Goats, Google Rents 200 Goats

Google and Yahoo GoatsWC News story this time came from Google. As they are saying in their Official Google Blog the reason they rent the goats is because they want to clear weeds and brushes to reduce fire hazard and they doesn’t want to use noisy mowers that run on gasoline and pollute the air.
We consult ecology experts and they are surprised for this decision. As they told us the goats fart (by the way we are very surprise how much space Wikipedia have dedicated to this word – ) is making more damage in the eco system because the fart is the biggest enemy of the ozone itself.
Google Goats
Yahoo Goats
But wait. The irony is even bigger! Last year Yahoo had rented 100 goats. Is this coincidence or it is some competition between Google and Yahoo, who will rent more goats? We don’t know yet.

From California for WC News,
Laura Bukowski