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You can buy yourself a grandma on Ebay!

Ebay's hot offer of the day!Zoe Pemberton, 10-year-old British girl while she was playing on her computer, was feeling a bit annoyed at being constantly asked to do something for her grandmother, Mrs. Goodall after returning from hospital treatment to a knee injury. So little Zoe decided to put her grandma on Ebay for 99 pennies. After few days there were £20 000 bids (around 32 000 U.S. dollars) before the auction was removed by Ebay because it violated its policy!

The spokesman of Ebay Jenny Thomas said: “While no doubt Mrs. Goodall would have fetched a princely sum, eBay does not allow the listing of any human being on the site.”
“We had to take it down although it was quite amusing” – the spokeswoman added.
The father of Zoe said that he didn’t know about it but he is very impressed about the bids for his mum, although his mother wasn’t satisfied with the sum. She was hoping to reach $1 000 000!
Zoe Pemberton and Mrs. Goodall
Russian General Viktor Petrenko
A 71-year-old retired General from Russia Viktor Petrenko, was the last bidder who offered $32 000. After he read in the newspaper that someone met his wife on internet he starts searching and he found Mrs. Googall on Ebay. He told to everyone in his village that he bought a wife on internet. Now, no one dares to tell him that it was just a joke.