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Your help is needed for drawing penis!

one milion penisesDid you were a bad boy? Or a bad girl?
Did you ever draw penis in your school book? Did your school teacher sent you in the corner for a writing an obscene pictures?
If your answers on just one question is YES, than we have good news for you. From now on you can draw as much penises as you like. Just need to go on the web page:
There you can find a mural of around 1000 penises and a chance to draw your own penis sketch.
We recommend to bring your laptop on your next business meeting and to draw penises during the business presentation by your chief marketing officer. If your CEO is not a dick you can share your laptop with him and maybe you can get a promotion.

I just did that and I got invitation on the meeting with CEO to have a small talk about new position of creative associate in WC News which is step forward from the lousy position of reporter.

For WC News from New York,
Alexander Mac Dougall