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Alcohol in the blood, penis on the leg!

TattooWhen we are drunk we can go home quietly or there are three things we can do to ourselves. Making fool out of ourselves before our friends; we can be embarrassed in public or we can make a permanent damage. Somehow the guy we are going to talk about, manage to do all 4 things, of course not in the same order!

A 27-year-old guy, Joel from Sweden was having hard drinking session with his friends, going (on all four legs) from one bar to another and in the end sitting in the fast food he decided that he wants to remember that night, so he wished a “drunken tattoo”! His wish was granted immediately by his friends, who took him to the tattoo master who was working right behind that fast food! The tattoo master was very friendly guy who offered his services for free only if he gets freedom in his artistic expression!
Our man Joel, ended with a six inch penis tattooed on his leg and after that he went home quietly (he didn’t want to wake up his mum – what a sweet heart) something that he (we) should done first!

“No, I am not mad to the guy who works in the tattoo studio. He didn’t force me to do that” – said Joel, who on his way to home was only worried what his mother would think! (Isn’t he a true sweet heart?)
We don’t have to mention that Joel didn’t bathe in public at all this summer but after mixing a lot of drinks and drinking a full bottle of vodka his didn’t went too bad.


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