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Let’s peek into Barry Obama’s photo album

Do you have desire to peek into a private photo album of someone celebrity? We don’t know about you, but we do like little to peek into the private photo albums of some celebrities. For example from the politicians we like to see Silvio Berlusconi’s photo album (hoping to find there some nasty photos). He […]

“Do it yourself” by Owe Ommer – Very original and very Erotic

The new book of Owe Ommer – “Do it yourself” with his photographs for sure is very unique, very erotic, very sensual…how can’t be when you will find tons beautiful women without or with very little clothes on them! The book actually is not very new because is published in 2007, it was new for […]

LaTasha Marzolla! A glamour model and kickboxer!

2000 was the year when we hear for LaTasha Marzolla for the first time. Back then she was discovered by Playboy at an open model casting in Las Vegas the gambling capitol of the world. In the last 9 years she made a long way. She did three covers, couple of dozens of pictorials and […]

Catia Rocha – the hottest soccer fan in the world

Usually girls are not among the greatest soccer fans but that is not a case with the beautiful and cute and lovely and sexy, and so long… ladies and gentlemen: CATIA ROCHA! She is a real proof that soccer fans are not just hooligans and she also wants to prove that soccer is women sport […]

Miami voted for the most sexy in USA – Cleveland the most boring

The travel website TripAdvisor made a list of US cities for the sexiest cities, the most exciting, the most romantic and most boring after they asked US holidaymakers to rank American cities. The title, The Sexiest City goes to Miami. The main reasons why they have voted for Miami on first place

Spaceport in the New Mexico

If you build he will come! There was a movie in which this sentence was in the mind of Kevin Costner who was playing the role of the leading character. The movie was Field of Dreams. And character played by Mr. Costner was ‘forced’ to build a baseball court. The same story is now repeating […]

Summer refreshment! Pirelli Calendar 2010 – Behind the scene!

Look at the first picture, click to enlarge, look very closely and try to focus anywhere more than 5 seconds. No, nothing is wrong with you. Simply is not possible to focus in one place, when you have 11 very hot babes and a top of that they are topless. This is how I imagine […]

GM’s SAAB is next in the line after Hummer and Opel

As a part of General Motors, SAAB also becomes a car company with unsecured future. The help come from the other Swedish car maker called Koenigsegg, a boutique producer of small series of cars. The word Koenigsegg means the king balls. This company starts as the producer of the protection equipment and the

Young and talented actress AnnaLynne McCord the star from 90210

AnnaLynne McCord the star from the 90210, (a teen drama spin-off of Beverly Hills 90210) is on the way to become a new starlet like a Paris Hilton or she is just a fast learner? This is the reaction after her new “ooops” situation, when she was caught in upskirt pictures wearing see