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New mass trend in Russia. Women are raping men!

A woman have raped a menNo so long from the rape of the female hairdresser from Kaluga (a thief was raped by a female hairdresser 3 days in the row. Here you can’t read more), a lot of men start reporting in police station a rape!
These days all information agencies have reported about new very weird rape in Russia. Valeria K., 32-years-old, from Tambov, Russia, with nickname “Black Widow” very attractive woman have drugged and raped for all night more than 10 men! Her nickname “Black Widow” she got from her friends due to her unusual fascination with the black widow spiders.

Everything began at the Hospital, where increasing numbers of men began showing up at emergency rooms, poisoned with clonidine and suffering from severe penis trauma, but no one wanted to talk about it to police! After a while some victims start talking but all they knew was that they were invited to a beautiful brunette’s apartment for drinks and that the woman was very friendly.

They were poisoned with a drug that knocked them out for 24 hours, and they were unable to remember a thing.
The police start searching for the woman through the victim’s description, and they were shocked to find out that the very attractive 32-year-old Valeria may have been the person they were looking for!

Sexually Dominant Woman
Sexually Dominant Woman

Her friends and her neighbors were shocked too. For WC News they said that they can’t believe she did it, because Valeria is very attractive woman, very kind and shy person!

But almost everything was cleared up. This is the police reconstruction of this case:
“Valeria would get acquainted with men and invite them to her place. She gave them drinks with clonidine and the clonidine is so strong drug and it would almost instantly send her victims to sleep for up to 24 hours. After that, she undressed her victims, tightening a rope on their male organs to keep them erect, and then rape them.”

The police assume that there are more than 50 victims but they are all ashamed to report a rape in police and to go in court. The police identify 10 victims but only 9 of them are pressing charges against her. The 10th victim for WC News said:
“She is very beautiful woman. And was expecting a night of passion that I will never forget but unfortunately I can’t remember a thing. I only wish she hadn’t used the drug on me.”

Also still is not cleared up if she was alone or the victims were raped by more girls. Some forensic evidence pointing that Mrs. Valeria might not be the only rapist in this case!

For WC News from Tambov, Russia,
Igor Rostotsky