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The sexiest celebrities women after 50 – PART1

Kim BassingerThe sexiest celebrities’ women after 50 according WC News. Our light motif for doing this list was the resent PETA contest for the sexiest VEGA women after 50 but this contest doesn’t include the celebrities! We thought that is not fair for the celebrities so we did our own list. We have no idea if they are from the “planet VEGA” but for sure they are looking great even better than before, they are all like a good old wine and are dream to all men even every teenage boy would like to lay them!

The seductive Rosalie Anderson MacDowell more known as Andie MacDowell is born April 21, 1958. Her charm works great and after 50!

Even after 50 Kim Bassinger has no attention to give away the title The Sexiest MILF soon! She is born December 8, 1953, in Athens, Georgia.

Andie MacDowell
Kim Bassinger

Susan Victoria Lucci is born December 23, 1946 and NO, we didn’t make any mistake although she looks like a 30-40 year-old, she has 62. (We check twice)

The very beautiful as always Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid is born July 25, 1955 (age 53). She is well known just like IMAN which means “faith” in Arabic. A lot of people in the history were searching for the elixir of youth. Maybe the faith is her elixir of the youth. However she definitely has found it!

Susan Victoria Lucci

Kim Victoria Cattrall, born 21 August 1956 is the only reason why some men are watching the Sex and the City. She is very sexy all over and she proved, many times!

Christie Brinkley, born February 2, 1954 is an American model. She starts modeling in 1973 and of course she is still active and the way she looks she will not retired for soon. Between Christie and all today’s skinny models, she always will be our first choice!

Kim Victoria Cattrall
Christie Brinkley