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Unknown Lifeform in North Carolina Sewer! Special WC News report!

Unknown Life form Carolina SewerSewers are very cozy places for living and developing of many spices. The temperature is never too high or too low. The water is warm and rich with organic stuff, so many creatures are finding sewers a great place to live at least in the first stage of development.
WC-News agency is continuing with using a state of the art reporting technology despite our last failure with our flying cam destroyed by President Mr. Barack Obama.
The authorities from North Carolina Agency for Underground Safety – NCAUS called us after the reports about missing cats and dogs near the main entrances in the sewers.
The following video is captured by our state of the art snake cam.
The Robotic Snake is 6 Feet long and ½ Feet wide so it has a great potential to go where no one has gone before. It has one high resolution camera at the front end and 18 pairs of robotic legs. Also had 6 strong batteries, one in every part of the robotic snake.

WC News robot snake
WC News hi-tech robot snake

After we take this video we found some Zoology experts and some of them were claiming that this creature is Bruzoan. This invertebrates have a tube like body and very often they are forming a colonies similar (same?!) to the life forms captured on our video. When we asked these so called experts to go down into the sewer with us and the representatives from NCAUS they simply refused so we have a suspicion that they were not completely sincere with us.
The other experts we manage to find are claiming that this creature is not from the Earth origin. These experts who like to stay in anonymity are claiming that this creature is in the first stage of development and for that it needs a warm and safe place.

Unknown Creature Growing in North Carolina sewer
Bizzare Creature In North Carolina Sewer

We had a recommendation to use our robotic snake to place HE charges (high explosive) near any of this creatures (we count 8 on the full footage, but some of these videos are top secret so we do not publish the whole video), but some brass from the army like to keep some of the creatures to investigate their potential for a weapon.
In this moment there are no authorities to decide what to do with these creatures. The white House is silent about this case.
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For WC News from North Carolina,
Alexander Mac Dougall