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Hey, where are you going with that face!

Are you talking to me? Move your fat ass and bring me a beer! If you say something like this in Casa Pocho a pub near Venice you will get a beer, for FREE! Bernard Marius and Mihail Lotoski the owners of Casa Pocho came to unique idea. The one, who will say unique insult […]

Only the sky was the limit for 28-year-old Austrian drunk student!

Stefan Hohenwart, a 28-year-old Austrian student from Graz was having great fun in a local club with his friends, girls, and lot of drinking, dancing and even more drinking and then totally drunk and tired he left the club! But where did he go after his party?

Don’t fight with your mother. She can beat a LION!!!

It’s true and it happen in Canada 40 miles from Vancouver! A very brave Canadian mother was picking salmonberries with her three-year-old daughter, Maya Espinosa and then suddenly a mountain lion in full attack! The target was her daughter Maya! “It just flew straight towards her, jumped at

Stop for the crime! With the power of the flower!

The Japanese are not stopping to surprise the world with their unique methods. Probably you are asking what’s new in Japan. Well…this may sound weird but works, at least in Japan! Japanese crime analytic came to unbelievable conclusion. The houses with a lot of flowers in their front yards have been 10 times less

Do you think you can score tonight?

You are back from your boring job and now you are tired. You are not tired from the hard work but from pretending that you are doing a hard work. It is sound familiar? If you can not recognize yourself, probably you can recognize your buddy or your neighbor, or maybe your colleague? In the […]

The most expensive and the most luxury hotel in Europe

Ok. We show you the less expansive and the less luxury hotel in Europe, but which is the most expensive and the most luxury hotel in Europe? That would be the grandiose “The Mardan Palace” just opened in Antalya, Turkish Riviera, where is the first five-star Destination Resort! The hotel is grandiose and

Zero Star Hotel – Genius idea or Idiotism?

Excellent Ku-Ku clocks, wrist watches and giant banking sector are the first thoughts when somebody mentions Switzerland. But the business oriented Swiss, like to show and prove that they can offer something more or something less. Having in mind the global recession they are offering

Now you can have your Wedding on Juliet’s balcony

There is nothing more romantic than a Verona wedding; except a Verona wedding on the Juliet’s Balcony where, according to William Shakespeare, Romeo wooed Juliet. The officials of Verona want to maintain the town’s image as a “city of love”, so they decided to allow

A controversial sex therapy very popular in California

A controversial sex therapy is becoming more and more popular in USA for solving serious sexual issues and also there is more and more sex therapist or if you prefer sex SURROGATES. The sex therapy or the sex with the surrogate is helping to a lot of people with a sexual problem like the

A Super-recognizer – She has never forgotten a face

Jennifer Jarett, 38, from Manhattan never forgets a face. Not even someone she met for just a moment, not even decades later. The psychologists calling it a “super-recognizer,” a new term for people who are exceptional at remembering faces.

Costa Luminosa – The Sailing Building

When we are talking about the luxury than the word recession can’t be in the same sentence. The prove have an Italian name Costa Luminosa, the building that can actually sail and not just sail but sail with a style! This ship is long 292 meters (960 feet) and “deep” 450 million Euros (around 600 […]

Female Condom – FC2

New female condom from The “FHC” – Female Health Company based in Chicago, IL, was approved by the World Health Organization and by FDA. The new version of the female condom now will be available in the U.S and will be distribute through HIV/AIDS programs worldwide. This female condom